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What are the supplies needed when playing hockey?

by Andiara Passos

When you have an idea about how the game works in hockey and the other ways to shoot or dribble the ball. You cannot start playing the game once you have a piece of complete hockey equipment. You need to have a full kit like guards to ensure your safety in the game. The hockey equipment will be different when you are playing goalie. However, when you know what positions you have in the game, you have to buy the essential equipment in Ritual Hockey.

Hockey stick

The hockey stick will act as a weapon in the field. When you choose the best hockey stick that suits your taste, you have to learn how to use it to make you feel comfortable. To have the best hockey stick, you need to buy depending on your height.


The kind of shoes you have to wear will depend on what surface you are playing on. When you play on the grass field, you have to use cleats to move around quickly. The soles have more oversized studs to have a better grip, fast transitions, and quick cuts. But when you are on the artificial turf, you have to buy smaller studs that are ideal for the perfect grip on the artificial turf. However, you have to use shoes with a maximum hold for smoother surfaces in the indoor court.


When field hockey is known to be a non-contact sport, it is essential to use a mouth guard to wear during the game. Using a mouthguard helps you protect from concussions when bumping with each other or the ball.

Shin guards

The shin guards in field hockey are not the same for soccer players. The equipment helps cover the entire ankle to the bottom of the knee caps. Since you are playing field hockey, your shins will protect you from the beating of the sticks and balls. It is necessary to invest in high-quality shin guards.

Shocks and rash guards

When you dont like to wear socks during the game, you have to expect that you will have blisters afterward, while rashguards are optional to use. It needs to be under your shin guards and protect your shin from the rubbing motion against the shin guards.

Stick bag

Ritual Hockey

Getting a stick bag can be optional. However, it is best to have it when you bring a few sticks all at once.

Electrical tape

Using electrical tape can be helpful, and when you tape the bottom for your stick, it protects you from tears and wears. When you are a beginner, you have to tape the bottom of your shaft to help you to stop the ball.


You cannot start the game without having a ball. You must have an extra to use while you are practicing. Field hockey balls are hard, dense, rubber-like, and it travels fast.

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